Treasures of museums

Treasures of museums from around the world in which the production of Uzbek masters is stored

Дата: 27 октября 2018

This desire came true today. In order to immortalize these two great creator of poetry, as our president says: They must be a model for our youth, Madrasah "Khodja Nuriddin" was reconstructed and museum of  H. Alimdjan and Zulfiya was settled there. It began its function on November 3.2017

The Khorezm Jewelry Art
Дата: 16 апреля 2018

                Among all jewelry art schools having been known in Uzbekistan by the beginning of the 20th century the Khorezm School distinguished for the most expressive and original art canons. Jewelry made by Khorezm jewelers present extraordinary plurality of forms, splendid decorative motives, magnificent and complicated compositions, fine furnish and well-formed details. Typical are incrustations of colourful glass, numerous pendants in a form of chains with beads along, small leaves, burgeons and corns, which symbolize fertility in jewelry art. They bear typical features of exquisite urban art. Like any other school this one was not isolated but developed in a contact and cooperation with other centers.

Central Asian ceramics in the collections of the world
Дата: 15 ноября 2017

               In a number of large collections of Islamic art, which have received world-wide fame thanks to excellent publications, there are glazed bowls that stand out for their specific decor. The most characteristic features of these are a kind of grayish-lilac or pinkish-gray engobe serving as a backdrop for polychrome engobe painting, expressive images including zoomorphic and anthropomorphic images, as well as epigraphic and vegetative-geometric motifs.