Tourism in Uzbekistan has changed in two years

Дата: 14 февраля 2019

alt            Can you imagine a country where representatives of different nationalities, traditions and culture are uniquely get along together? Which is unique!? A country where a rich historical and architectural heritage organically coexists with modern buildings, high technology, and the work of artisans create unique works of architecture. A country with high mountains, hot deserts, endless lakes, beautiful valleys and gardens.

             You will be surprised to know that all this can be found in one country. And this country is Uzbekistan.

              The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Development of Tourism for 2017-2018 has taken a number of measures to develop tourism infrastructure, simplify visa procedures and registration, and much more. But first things first.

              The first thing you need to do when, you going to Uzbekistan is to get a visa. If your country is not included in the list for visa-free visits (ссылка на список стран), then simply send the documents through the system. (ссылка). It is worth noting the convenience of passing through customs points: when arriving in Uzbekistan, the relatively recent double corridors greatly facilitate the arrival of tourists to this sunny region.

             You can stay in a hotel, hostel or yurt camp. A significant impetus for increasing the number of rooms has been the simplification of requirements for budget accommodation facilities. So, in Uzbekistan, a stop at family guest houses is becoming increasingly popular. They can be found in large cities and remote high-mountainous areas. Guest houses are not only a place for lodging for the night, but also a unique tourist attraction in which you can learn how to cook national dishes, learn about it and even learn the spoken Uzbek language. Another option would be to stop at friends or relatives, exactly like renting an apartment. Moreover, in order to register, it is enough to fill in the form on the website (ссылка). In a word, the most comfortable conditions have been created for the tourist.

            When planning a trip, you should pay attention to seasonal and active recreation. It will be optimal to plan the trip so that the tour program includes visits to historical centers in Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva and Tashkent, and after the cultural and educational part - visits to madrasas, mausoleums and museums, recover in nature, for example, in Bostanlyk district. These places are suitable for extreme sports and for families with children. Thus, the Amirsoy ski resort, which meets modern requirements and international standards of safety and service, will welcome its first guests from December 2019. Numerous mountain tracks of various levels of complexity are suitable for active leisure enthusiasts, and summer holidays for the whole family can be organized on the shore of the Charvak reservoir. Note that in 2018 some territories in the Kashkadarya region were opened for free to visit by tourists, such as the Amir Temur Cave, the Suffa radio astronomy complex, the Suvtushar waterfall, the picturesque high-mountain villages of Kul and Gilan, the Severtsev glacier. In addition, guests can diversify the rest of the balloon flights, overlooking the surrounding area and scenic views.

           The flights are carried out by professional pilots from the Aeronautics Federation of Uzbekistan. By the way, in April 2019, the second International Festival of Aeronautics will be held. As well as last year sportsmen from Switzerland will take part in the festival, and pilots from France and Germany will join.

          Since 2018, a calendar of events has been published on the website of the State Committee for  Development of Tourism of Uzbekistan and this is an excellent opportunity for tourists to visit interesting events and fairs. During the year you can get to the colorful festival holidays - “Kovan Saili”, go to Surkhandarya to “Boysun Bahori” (Boysun Spring) or Bakhshi Art Festival, become spectators of the fascinating “Raks Sehri” (dance festival) or go. Thousands of travel lovers. A grand fair that accommodates in two pavilions of representatives of local and foreign travel agencies, stands of representatives of transport companies, artisans, hotels and much more. In addition, a gastronomic festival is held as part of the fair.

          In November 2018, the International Tourism Investment Forum was held for the first time, which created an additional impetus for the rapid development of the tourism sector.

          Is it possible to fit in one article all the grand and, undoubtedly, positive changes that have taken place in the field of tourism? Hardly. It’s time to pack a suitcase and go to Uzbekistan to see everything with your own eyes. And hurry, because this year the country is waiting for an unprecedented flow of tourists, and this was confirmed by the presence of Uzbekistan in numerous lists of the best destinations for travels of leading media outlets, including the specialized ones: The New York times, National Geographic, The Guardian, Lovely Planet, etc.

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